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Learning Management

Learning management software is the best way to manage your school/college or institute. Here is the one solution of your all problems. with the help of this software you can easily and effectively manage our institution. You can easily prepare the question paper and check the answer of any exam which is manage through this software. Colleges, universities, district schools and schools use Learning Management Software to deliver best courses.

Payroll Management

Payroll software used to calculate or prepare the salaries of your employees based on factors such as wages, bonus and deductions. Payroll software is technology that aim to streamline and automate the process of paying a company's employees. Payroll software help human resource department to make easy work and reduce the lots of work from this department.


Textile ERP helps a business manage key functions such as product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service and tracking orders. Once the plant is equipped with Textile ERP, everything is at your finger tips, With this, the senior management is aware of developments at different units, which helps to utilise the resources better. IT helps in minimizing inventories and maximizing output. Textile ERP simply gives straight access to data and the knowhow of various stages the process is in. However, it is not only Textile ERP, that textiles firms are interested in. Internet connectivity is another area which they feel can play a vital role in boosting the sector. At a time when newer plants are coming up in inaccessible areas, online connectivity becomes vital. IT infrastructure in textile firms is at a nascent stage. Though ERP is proving helpful for many units, broadband connectivity is equally in high demand. In its absence, online updating is not an easy job. Manufacturing and processing require IT assistance, and more and more firms are going for it. Information technology can streamline processes by organizing information from manufacturing, sales and finance, enabling data sharing for improved decision making..

Banking & Finance Management

Banks today have to address an ever-growing list of governmental, data security and corporate regulations and standards – all mandated to protect information in the digital world we now live in. Privacy concerns that include protecting customers’ personal information, as well as the transactions processed for and by them must be addressed, and solutions devised to meets these standards.

There are many unique requirements of the banking industry, both in the data handled, and the way in which it needs to be handled. Computing and software systems for this sector must operate 24/7/365 and be virtually ‘bulletproof’ – requiring redundant (parallel) hardware platforms that offer real-time online transaction processing (OLTP), and software that offers reliable cross-platform interoperability. One of the mission-critical software solutions that must perform flawlessly is the system that provides secure viewing and handling of the huge volume and variety of documents that banks, as well related financial institutions, must process, manage and archive each and every day.

Today, Banks are adapting to changing consumer behavior and are focusing on building new channels for interacting and transacting with them. The millennials in particular prefer banking anywhere, anytime and is therefore demanding innovative methods for availing banking services. We support mission-critical infrastructure and banking software applications that pull insights from data to help you better engage with users and customers.

Healthcare Management

Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live in-a famous quote by Jim Rohn Xvision believes every individual has the right to a healthy life which can be achieved through healthy way of living,healthy suggestions and at times effective medicines.
Thus we made health care management as one of our vital product. This product is a full stop to taking appointments, standing in a long queue, waiting for your turn.
We aim at bridging the gap between a patient and a doctor irrespective of their locations.
Any person, now can easily consult a doctor at anytime of his/her choice sitting at their home.
This product also provides a platform for the consumers to choose the appropriate medicines and buy it online without visiting the medical stores one after the other.
Thus it is an establishment of a network among patients,doctors,medicines and consumers.

Retail Marketing

Retail is the sale of goods and services from businesses to an end user (called a customer). Retail marketing is the process by which retailers promote awareness and interest of their goods and services in an effort to generate sales from their consumers. There are many different approaches and strategies retailers can use to market their goods and services. At Retail Marketing we’re passionate about data and we believe the journey starts with insights, helping brands to better understand their customers, retailers and the marketplace. We love connecting brands with consumers, with our heritage in training, merchandising and demonstration we create positive in-store engagements to build brand reputation and ultimately sell more.